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Omega Seamaster 300 Vintage Diver ref 14755-1 mit Archivauszug


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Das unrestaurierte ORIGINALZIFFERNBLATT ist in nahezu tadellosem Zustand. Kratzfreies Glas. Das Gehäuse hat altersübliche Gebrauchsspuren, bitte beachten Sie die Fotos.



Letztes Service in 2020. Das Uhrwerk und alle Funktionen laufen perfekt.


Product Info

UHRWERKTYP Automatikwerk mit Zentralsekunde
ZIFFERNBLATT Schwarzes Ziffernblatt
GEHÄUSE Edelstahlgehäuse mit dem Seepferdchen Logo am Deckel
GLAS Originalglas mit Omega Logo im Zentrum (mit freiem Auge kaum sichtbar)
KRONE Omega Seamaster Krone (signiert)
DURCHMESSER 39 mm Durchmesser (ohne Krone)
REFERENZNUMMER vintage automatic automatik 14755-1 14755
BAND Echtlederband (schwarz)
WASSERDICHTHEIT Spritzwasserfest (Hände Waschen Ok, kein Duschen)
LIEFERUMFANG Stammbuchauszug und Vintage Portfolio Rechnung


The Story behind

The Dial (with open 6es and 9s) is factory original. The black “base part” of the dial is in very good condition, at least with bare eye, I don’t see any faults or flaws like scratches or nicks. Most dials have faults in the black base, but this one does not. Also, all white scripts and words on the dial are in very good condition and clearly readable. This makes the dial (as one of the most important parts of the watch) very rare. The lume plots on the dial are a bit degenerated, presumably because of aging, as evidenced on similar models. Also, the slightly greenish color is normal to these Seamaster 300s. The lume on dial and hands glows evenly in the dark and it looks like it’s still the original tritium lume. The T Swiss Made T is of course on the dial, but is covered by the inner silver ring. It’s visible if you hold the watch in a certain angle and look with a loupe. The 18 mil serial number of this model appears to be a bit too early for the candlestick hands. It is possible that 2-3 years after the watch was sold, Omega swapped the hands against the then-more-desirable candlestick version that are on the watch. On a 22 mil serial number, these hands would be perfectly fine. The case appears to be completely unpolished with sharp edges and “fat” lugs and a fully and clearly visible seahorse logo on the back. The case has micro scratches all over from regular wear. All the scratches are slight and it is actually quite pleasing looking at them, as they are an evidence of the unpolished case. The bezel still rotates, but the bezel inlay appears to be “too good to be true” and I would presume that it has been replaced at some time in the service history of the watch. I would even believe, that it’s a reproduced inlay but this is accepted by collectors as these inlays are either reproduced, or completely destroyed or completely missing – with missing being the worst of all three. The slightly scratched glass still has its Omega logo, as well as the original crown. The leather strap and buckle are generic. The 552 caliber movement runs accurately to +6 seconds per day with a 293° Amplitude in the time grapher. Overall, it’s a “very good” Seamaster 300 and I have to admit I really enjoyed having this watch. Particularly the “dash 1” -1 in the reference number is something that makes the heart beat a little faster. An extract of the archives confirms the heritage and provenance, being delivered to the UK in 1961.


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